Buy itunes gift card code online cheap

Apparently, if I shelled out US 5-8, I could get a "guide" with material issue voucher format info telling me where to purchase these cards for up to "80 Off!
But is there a darker side to this?
If you like, you can code reduc parc asterix 2018 buy from me and then selll it on ebay.
Please Enter Price between 10 to 100.A few minutes later, I received an email with the code.I rummaged through the gift card auctions, and was hard-pressed to find any as popular or as below-expected-price as iTunes.If you reside outside of the USA, we can assist by getting it delivered to you digitally via email so you can enjoy the vast content of the iTunes Store immediately.ITunes Gift Cards was released when the iTunes Store was first introduced.I even found some big names that went substantially above their value, like this 530 winning bid on a 500 m gift card.I plunked in the code, and without hesitation, it was credited.Apple made it specifically for users to download Music, Apps, and anything else available off of the iTunes Store.(Nevermind the fact that some of these discount cards are listed on eBayduh, how obvious.) So I did the most natural next thing: a Google search, and soon dove deeper buy lebara top up voucher online into the dubiousness.Only one way to find out.Searching for "itunes 200" yielded numerous matches for 200 gift cards as low.This is especially ambiguous because we can't rule out that there is a legit channel for these cards, or that they're so affordable for another, non-criminal reason which isn't understood by all parties involved.Featured Products, multiple Logged in, your are already logged in with same account.Several minutes later, I collected numerous pages pointing to iOffer, sort of like eBay, but a rockier road in terms of usability.The most "comprehensive" response I got, after asking "How did you get such a great deal on these iTunes gift cards?" was: Hi, I bought it from my friend.
No shortage of "hehe" in the responses I received, that's for sure.

(Which is a discussion for another time.) The moral of the story: from "it fell off the back of a truck" to gift codes in cyberspace, there can be more than meets the eye when it comes to an unbelievable deal.
Terse, cryptic, and from a Chinese email address, it read: Hi, here is the code.
There's been articles about iTunes phishing, but that's not the same as the underground gift card/code phenomenon.