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Most reseller brands sold in supermarkets, service stations and kiosks can't be registered at the point of sale.
By phone: You can top up by calling 2732, and registering your credit card or debit card details.
The ethno providers Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile are setting up own registration points in their sales outlets which are shown on their website.
Cashpoint (ATM You can top-up at a Barclays or hsbc cash machine if you have a debit card thats been issued from one of six UK banks (Barclays, hsbc, Nationwide, Coventry, Yorkshire and Clydesdale).That's why this following updated section deals with the new situation in detail: By law, all SIM cards in Germany need to be registered first on your name and an address verified by your ID document to be activated.When you are in Germany only : Buy a top-up voucher called Ladebon in many stores with a PIN to enter.That's how easy it is to top up your phone credit on!There are three ways to top-up your SIM card: By phone: You can top-up your Lycamobile handset by calling.So buy packages right from the start, shut off data before the purchase and enable only when it has been confirmed (see here ).Telekom and Congstar can also be registered in T-Point stores, but some may want to see an official confirmation of your residency.Summary - Which network (and operator) to choose: Deutsche Telekom (formerly T-Mobile The former market leader has still the best network, what coverage and speed is concerned.The government and the regulator stepped in and highlighted that foreigners will still be able to buy and register prepaid SIM cards, but in fact are still facing major obstacles.Go to one of the three major drugstore chains ( Rossmann, Müller, dm ) or to large retailers like real, Kaufland etc.Data-only SIMs are rather rare in Germany.Mobil - Telekom K-Classic mobil - o2 halflang piekerig kapsel Lebara mobile - Telekom Lidl Connect - Vodafone Lifecell - Telekom Loop - o2 Lycamobile - Vodafone MediaMarkt - o2 NettoKOM - o2 Netzclub - o2 Norma mobil - o2 ortel mobile - o2 otelo - Vodafone Penny.In this article, a general guide and comparison are given which network to choose best.No further consequences are known for this trade.In the UK, when you get a Pay As You Go SIM card, the top-up policy might differ depending on your mobile network.As weekly rates are hard to find, there is basically the choice of: daily korting op pathe unlimited packages for short-time heavy users (available from 500 MB to 1 GB per day) monthly packages for other users (available from 100 MB to 20 GB for 28-30 days) Take care.Electronic top-up card: Youll normally be given an electronic top-up card along with your Pay As You Go handset or SIM card.Given the high domestic data prices in Germany, generally all providers give out "Roam like at home" all over the EU/EEA without major limitations.Participating countries include Australia, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Spain.
So if you come from another korte klank lange klank woorden EU/EEA country, you might think of taking your SIM from there and use it roaming in Germany at the domestic rate.
Cashpoint (ATM Customers with a hsbc UK debit card can top-up at a hsbc cash machine.