What is the meaning of voucher in marathi

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It also signifies any acquittance or receipt, which is evidence of payment, or of the debtor's being discharged.Vincent Shooter 10:29, (UTC) Both versions are wrong!This article reads like it is someones personal take on the issue, or reflects their opinion, based on research, of vouchers in general.It would add credibility and objectivity to the opposing side if this were done.See: assurance, bond, certificate, corroboration, coupon, deponent, draft, guarantor, guaranty, note, permit, pledge, receipt, recommendation, reference, security, surety, warrant, warranty, voucher, accounts.The argument missing from this article is that public schools in America are financed by taxes on property, not by taxes on children.Our mission is to empower you to buy better, however you choose to spend your money.I've tried to add them back.The concluding statement is what Economic theory would imply, but not explicitly state.Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 22:26, 5 December 2007 (UTC) Update on Utah referndum edit Added an update on the Utah Voucher law getting defeated by voters in the state, with notation.This is terribly unbalanced.Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 03:25, (UTC) Difference in quality between public and private schools edit Someone wrote "a belief found to be without merit in a 2006 Bush Administration Dept.
They reason that if there are no standard tests, the schools in the school voucher system may be tempted to give more students passing grades or "lower their bars" in order to attract students.
Here are a couple of examples: 1).